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Don’t Stop Me Now - Queen Easy Piano Keyboard Letter Notes


Not Angka Piano/Pianika Don’t Stop Me Now - Queen

Stop Me Now (Queen) Piano/Pianika Tabs

G-G-F      F     F-A      ^C    ^F-^E
Tonight I'm gonna have myself

^C    A      G       F
A real good time

A  G  F-G-A-Bb-^C
I feel alive  ~  ~  ~

^D  ^E     ^F   ^D  ^A-^Bb  ^A-^G ^F
And the world is turning inside out


^F   ^A-^A   ^Bb-^A  ^G  ^F#-^G-^A
I'm floating around in ecstasy...

^D  ^Bb   ^A   ^G    Bb
So don't stop me now

^Bb    ^A     ^G
Don't stop me...

^G        ^G   Bb-Bb  Bb  ^C   ^D
'Cause I'm having a good time

^E-^E  ^E  ^F   ^G
Having a good time!

A    A     G - F        F
I'm a shooting star

F - A           ^C         ^F     ^E
Leaping through the skies

^C   A   G-F
Like a tiger

F - A - G    F      G    G   A-Bb-^C
Defying the laws of gravity

A    A    G-F     F
I'm a racing car

^C-^F   ^E  ^C  ^A-^A  ^A-^G-^F
Passing by like Lady Godiva

A      G - F    G   A   Bb  ^C
I'm gonna go, go, go, go

^C         ^C    ^D-^E     ^F
There's no stopping me!

^C  ^A-^Bb      ^A       ^G   ^F   ^D
I'm burning through the sky yeah!

^A     ^A-^A     ^Bb-^A
Two hundred degrees

^G        ^G    ^G   ^F# ^F#
That's why they call me

^F#-^F#  ^G-^A-^A-^G
Mister    Fahrenheit    ~

^G   ^F#-^F# ^F# ^F# ^G ^A ^Bb
I'm traveling at the speed of light

^Bb ^Bb-^A ^G ^F
I wanna make a

^F-^F-^F-^F ^F ^F-^F ^G
Supersonic man outta you!

A           Bb    ^C    ^F
Don't stop me now

A       A-G       G     F     G      A
I'm having such a good time

G       A-A   ^C   A
I'm having a ball!

A           Bb    ^C    ^F
Don't stop me now

^F  ^F    A-A       G    F     G       A
If you wanna have a good time

^A    ^A   ^A ^Bb ^A-^D
Just give me a call    ~

^Bb    ^A    ^G
Don't stop me...

^G       ^G  Bb-Bb Bb  ^C   ^D
Cause I'm having a good time

^Bb    ^A    ^G
Don't stop me...

^G  ^G  Bb-Bb  Bb ^C   ^D
Yes I'm having a good time

^D ^E  ^E-^E  ^F  ^G  ^F
I don't wanna stop at all!