The Best Chef in The World 2021, Want to Know!

Being a Chef is not easy, not only must be good at cooking food, but you have to cook using feelings so that the food made becomes even more delicious and delicious. In addition, if you want to become a Chef, you must be good at decorating food so people are interested in the food and want to try it.

Did you know that there are many great chefs in the world and also the best chefs. Now in this discussion, Afyinfo will discuss about the best Chef Cher in the whole world. Here are the best chefs in the world in 2019:

1. Gordon Ramsay

Next, there is the first quote, chef Gordon Ramsay who is a celebrity, entrepreneur and also a chef. When he was a teenager, Ramsey was very fond of cooking food. In fact he has been named the Master Chef and Hell's Kitchen.

Not only that when he turned 31 years old, he even had his own restaurant. His career in the cooking world is indeed very successful, especially after he managed to get 3 Michelin stars, which is the highest achievement for the best chefs in the whole world.

Currently Gordon Ramsay already has very many restaurants including 10 in the UK, 15 more in various parts of the world. Although he is very good at food processing, but there is a food that he really likes, Egg Benedict, because when he ate the food he remembered his problems, namely his mother.

2. Anthony Bourdain

Next there was a Chef who graduated from the Culinary Institute of America in 1978. Beginning his cooking career Anthony cooked for his family namely cooking oysters while on vacation with his family.

When he was praised by his friends and family because the food he made was very delicious, starting from the situla he was excited and wanted to become a chef. But after a few years later he was very well known after in creating the book Kitchen Confidential entitled Adventures in the Culinary Underbelly in 2000.

3. Paul Bocuse

Next is chef Paul Bocuse. The French-born chef in 1926 is one of the chefs who has become a role model for young chefs around the world. Because chef Paul is the most reliable chef in the world and not only that he has also created a very high standard for restaurants.

Currently chef Paul has three restaurants in which the restaurant has very high quality and innovation in every food served. Until because of his high dedication Chef Paul was appointed as the father of French cuisine. Not only that chef Paul also has made Trouffle Soup into a dinner menu that must be in the Elysee Palace Presidential Palace.

4. Jamie Oliver

Chef who has the nickname Naked Chef is one of the best chefs in the whole world. Chef Jamie has the nickname "Naked Chef" since he was on a very famous television show, and not only that the show he starred in has also managed to get the BAFTA award as the best television show in 2000.

Chef Jamie has loved the culinary world since he was 16 years old. Where at that time chef Jamie diligently helped cook at his parents' restaurant called The Cricketers. And after that his career sped up after he was appointed as a pastry chef at Antonio Carluccio's restaurant.

5. Wolfgang Puck

The chef, whose full name is Wolfgang Johann Topfschnig, is the cheapest chef to smile at his co-workers. even Chef Wolfgang Puck has his own nickname for the spagetti dish he made, his spagetti dish was given the name Spago for the Italians.

Chef Wolfgang Puck is a very generous chef in the eyes of many people, this can be proven through his kindness to many people as he very often helps charities. Until due to his kindness he was named the James Beard Foundation Humanitarian of the Year Award in 1994.

Here are the best chefs in the whole world, besides they are experts in cooking they also have very high food dedication, and not only that they also have a good heart and love to do charity. They are chef chefs who are very suitable as motivation for young chefs in all over the world.

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